Which swimsuit color to choose according to your skin and hair color?

Hello to everyone,

Be aware that the wrong shade of bikini for your skin or hair color can easily make you look pale or even tired.…but because it's August and we only have only a few times for people to remember you and your "tailor-made" bikini, here are the essential tips for choosing the ideal swimsuit:

If you have fair skin

Like snow white, your complexion doesn't tan, it blushes...it's best to opt for a swimsuit whose color contrasts with that of your skin. You will then be sublimated by a black, brown or red swimsuit. The color of the model must therefore provide a contrast while avoiding bringing out the pallor of your skin. Avoid jerseys in light orange, yellow or beige colors which would give a tone-on-tone effect. Flashy swimsuits are also to be banned from your choices, unless you want to compete with the sun.

For fair-skinned blondes or brunettes, bet on the following colors: navy blue, emerald green or deep purple are colors that will suit you perfectly by bringing out your complexion and your sunny hair!

For redheads, play the perfect harmonization, opt for a deep red or a very dark green. Unlike the others, you can dare white, it will highlight your sublime hair color. White and black will suit you perfectly and will bring you the touch of elegance of which only you will have the secret.

If you have tanned, golden, tanned skin

You fall into this category if your skin tans easily and your complexion is tanned almost all year round. You have a choice! Let yourself be tempted by the models in bright and flashy colors. Have this type of complexion, you choose yellow, green, blue, red…. You can also opt for swimsuits in light or golden colors that will highlight your tan. Avoid dark colors which will have no interest on your beautiful golden skin.

You are blonde or brunette, dare pastels, nudes, neons, color-block, prints, do not hesitate you can afford some madness.

If you're more of a redhead, go for the perfect match, go for a deep red or a very dark green . Unlike the others, you can dare white, it will highlight your sublime hair color.

If you have dark skin

Lucky you, neon, an unmissable trend lately, looks great on you! Also bet on beige and pearly shades. All the light colors stand out very well on your complexion. On dark skin, white highlights the shapes well and becomes a sparkling color and immediately gives glamor to your silhouette.

With a skin color like yours, the mix and match is for you! Play with bright colors and sparkling prints!

From now on you have no more excuses to be the most resplendent in a swimsuit this summer. We are counting on you to choose THE bikini that will highlight your silhouette, your complexion and your lioness mane forward...

Mademoiselle Bikini wishes you a good month of August full of sunshine, swimming, sun creams (adapted to your complexion, always)…and bikinis of course! ♡