Advice by body type

Because we all have different morphologies, Mademoiselle Bikini helps you find the swimsuit that will suit you best and enhance your body. Identify among the 4 types of silhouettes below, the one you are closest to. Click on the silhouette of your choice and let yourself be guided!

Once you have found what type of silhouette you are closest to, all you have to do is click on the link under the silhouette of your choice. The selection of swimsuits made for you by Mademoiselle Bikini will then be displayed.

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A-frame silhouette

A: Slender bust / Generous hips

You have an A silhouette:

You have narrow shoulders, a thin bust with a marked waist, but round hips and buttocks.

When you buy a swimsuit, you usually take your top one size smaller than the bottom.

TIP : Boost your figure! Draw attention to your chest and slim your legs.

For the top: go for a two-piece, push-up, preformed bandeau, underwired triangle top, balconette or any other padded top that will give relief to your bust. Dare to wear a swimsuit with fringes or frills. Straight straps will give your shoulders more breadth.

For the bottom , play on the indented shapes that will make your leg slimmer! Mind that shapes magically disappear when covered!

To avoid : High-waisted panties and shorties that create volume where there is already some, knots on the sides, ruffles and horizontal lines are also to be avoided.

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V: Strong build / Thin hips

You have a V silhouette:

You have broad shoulders, hips and buttocks rather erased.

For the purchase of a bikini, you usually take your top in a size larger than the bottom.

TIP : Draw attention to the bottom and legs and minimize the broadness of the shoulders!

For the top, play with deep V necklines to reduce the width of your shoulders, the ultra-feminine little triangle with thin straps or the glamorous scarf (halter) that ties in the neck.

For the bottom , opt for low-waisted panties or why not a shorty that will give you the impression of having buttocks!

Let loose on the ruffles, the frills, the laces and the knots, which by an optical effect, will give volume to your hips. Dare to print with horizontal stripes.

Avoid: Bralettes and straight straps, bustier and square necklines that make the shoulders appear even wider, panties that are too simplistic, high-cut and without details.

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H: Non-existent size / Equal shoulders and hips

Your shoulders and hips are the same width and your waist is not marked. For the purchase of a bikini, you usually take each of the two pieces in the same size.

TIP : Refine your waist and redefine your curves!

Adopt the 2 pieces that will break your androgynous silhouette. The best will be a bikini tied at the sides and around the neck.

For the top: Add volume with a push-up, a balconette or a triangle top with foam padding. Tied in the neck, it will highlight your shoulders and break the "rectangle" side of your silhouette.

For the bottom, choose high-waisted retro-style panties, or enhanced with a belt to mark your waist. A ruffled swimsuit will flesh out your breasts and hips.

You can also choose a one-piece swimsuit, worked on the cut and straps, this will feminize the look and mark your size.

Avoid : Avoid square necklines, bras and horizontal stripes.

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X: Balanced bust and hips / Marked waist

Also called hourglass figure. You have the same width shoulders and hips as well as a slim waist. Just like those of you with an H figure, you buy both parts of your bikini in the same size.

Good news... You can wear all the swimsuits you want!

For the bottom: shorts will enhance a flat stomach, high-cut panties will lengthen the leg!

Avoid: Do not undo this beautiful balance!

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